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Nice Video on AdLabPlus Usage for RF Design!
New Features

Screen shot of AdLabPlus (Tool MODEL)

Update : Download AdLabPlus V. 3.1 (8MB)

Download of AdLab/AdLabPlus PDF Handbook (50 pages, 1200kB)

AdLabPlus - "Extended EE Tool Collection"

AdLabPlus contains AdLab/CSmith and features 5 new electrical engineering tools, for instance for designing active and passive filters of many types, for making simulation models from data sheet values or graphs, etc.

AdLabPlus runs with Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/Vista and higher. It is distributed as shareware for $55 (see ORDER.TXT).

New Features : see PDF

• Design of active filters with 1/2/4 op-amps.
• Design of LC filters and diplexers.
• Powerful modeling of transistors, diodes & op-amps.
• Display electrostatical fields and perform numerous capacitance calculations.
• Calculate conductors including skin effect.
• Calculate the matching behavior of resistors and transistors.
• Calculate coils and transformers.
• Design transistor circuits (bias circuits, current mirrors, bandgaps, etc.

Screen shot of AdLabPlus (Tools RLCFILT & OHM)

Screen shot of AdLabPlus (Tool AFILTER)

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