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Available since December 2001: ELEKTA Professional 2.0!!

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ELEKTA Professional : Still available for 99,- USD from Noble Publishing and American Technical Publishers :

Information at your finger tips : ELEKTA is a CDROM knowledge based system for electrical engineering. It can be thought of as a complete electronic encyclopedia, starting from the physical basics and the components, but also covering analog, digital and RF circuits. From tutorials on hundreds of topics to SPICE simulation, from basic engineering computations to advanced mathematical functions, ELEKTA can help you with both routine and advanced engineering tasks. ELEKTA offers far more than a printed book and minimizes the steps from theory to practice. It contains over 180 circuits which can be professionally simulated directly at your pc using two professional CAD programs, including optimization and pcb layout. Over 35 powerful supplementary programs such as calculating noise in circuits, electrostatics, different filters, transistor, op amp, PLL or receiver operation, transforming two-ports, matching networks, transmission lines, Smith diagram, etc. were especially designed for ELEKTA. For the visualization of electronic fundamentals, the I-V characteristic of a diode or a FET for example, ELEKTA doesn't just present a mathematical equation and a figure, but also an integrated program featuring an interactive image and a special calculator for SPICE modeling. It has taken several years to develop the ELEKTA package, and having already sold ELEKTA and ELEKTA 2.0 over 25.000 times in Germany, we are now proud to present the new ELEKTA Professional version in English!

System requirements : Windows95 or higher, 8MB RAM, 90MB HD, 800x600 display or higher

The original German version and E-Lab for beginners are also available. Both are distributed by Franzis.

Other People on ELEKTA

„ELEKTA enables me to design faster and better. It is shortest way from theory to practice“

„It´s simply fun to use. All the information is available in seconds.“

„Sometimes I think ELEKTA thinks the way I do. It´s a milestone in electronic software.“

„More than simply another software. I recommend it for all who are involved with electronics.“

„I would like to have it always within reach!“

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[3] Dr. Claus Kühnel (Author of PSpice books) : „It simply makes fun to follow the hyper links."

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