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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions on ELEKTA, CSmith and AdLab.

When I start an AdLab tool the text looks strange. Whatīs wrong?

Propably you select "Large Fonts" in your Windows display. Please change this to small fonts!

How do I get the full version of CSmith or AdLab?

Both programs are shareware. Via registration you get a key code which turns the shareware version into the full version. So if you have the newest shareware version you do not need a second download. See file ORDER.TXT for more information on registration (WWW registration, prices, etc.).

What's the connection between AdLab or CSmith and ELEKTA?

ELEKTA contains a lot of EE tools, so AdLab is a subset thereof. But the AdLab tools are enhanced and more powerful versions! CSmith is a part of AdLab. If you copy the AdLab tools to ELEKTA, you get a complete integration of the more powerful tools into ELEKTA. ELEKTA is not actually needed to use AdLab or CSmith, but the links to pure ELEKTA tools will not be active.

What can I do with the new AdLab program SPARAM?

SPARAM displays S-parameters and you can select different formats: Smith diagram, polar diagram, magnitude vs frequency, visualization of figures like MAG, k, u, etc. The S-parameters will be loaded from ASCII files in SuperCompact or Touchstone format (Menu File).

Example file:

S-Parameter of BFR96 at 5V und 50mA
100.0MHz 0.474 206.54 5.812 101.88 0.0351 61.76 0.281 259.88
300.0MHz 0.477 179.45 5.511 83.25 0.0850 71.04 0.155 218.86
500.0MHz 0.476 168.19 3.380 73.16 0.1379 69.95 0.140 203.33
700.0MHz 0.474 159.34 2.483 64.57 0.1905 66.54 0.138 194.65
1000.0MHz 0.469 147.57 1.834 53.07 0.2677 60.04 0.140 185.45
1.5GHz 0.458 129.90 1.366 36.48 0.3881 48.03 0.146 171.46

The first row as regarded a comment. In the data rows the frequency will come first, then the magnitude of S11 and the phase, then in the same manner S21, S12 and S22. If your files have a different format please use a text editor.

How can I do source and load mapping using CSmith?

On the Smith-Chart page there is a radiobutton at the right called "Z(Generator) from 1st tab". Nearby there are two spinbuttons to vary the magnitude and phase of gamma. Thatīs what you need to perform source mapping! If you want to see a circle of the possible output impedances, simply disable the option "Actualize" and press the "Options"-button to set "Output for last inpedance only". Then set the magnitude of gamma via the left spin and make the phase sweep via right spin (to get a higher speed set the sweep factor to e.g. 1.25 via the upper speedbutton with the 2 arrows). To enable load mapping simply press the button "Interchange" and load and generator will be interchanged..

Source mapping with CSmith

Why are the S-parameters not so important for power amplifiers?

Most PAīs work as nonlinear amplifers to achieve high efficiency. This will lead to amplitude dependend S-parameters. For PA design you better use a load line methods (see ANPASS - an AdLab tool) and/or nonlinear circuit simulators (like SPICE or Aplac).

If you have further questions please send me an Email.


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