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Dr. StephanWeber was born in Berlin. He studied electrical engineering from 1985 to 1990 at the Technical University Berlin. In 1990 he moved to the Hahn-Meitner Institute for Nuclear Physics. The focus here was the modeling of discrete semiconductors, integrated circuits, etc. (suported by the BFMT project "Model Library for Complex Analog Models). After he received his PhD (on Modeling of Field-Effect Transistors) he moved to Siemens (now Infineon Technologies) in July 1995, where he started with the design of DECT receivers. Now he is responsible for the development and concept engineering of Silizium RF power amplifiers and is also involved with special CAD topics like on-chip coils, transistor modeling, technology optimization, etc. He holds many patents on circuits and system topologies for DECT, receicers, amplifiers, bias and control circuits, etc. At home he has not much to do with electronics - anymore. However the cupboards are still overcrowded by old stuff (amplifiers, radios, power supplies, etc.), thousands of components, measurement equipment, etc.
2002 he joined Cadence VCAD in Feldkirchen close to Munich, and works in the area of IC design and EDA software.

Philosophy :
My old professor told us "The most important skill one can learn at a university is to learn how to learn.". I do not fully agree. Even more important is fun and solid knowledge on EE basics as a foundation to work creatively.

Publications :
At HMI Berlin :
Working results (modeling, parameter extraction) are presented in magazines (Elektronik, Design&Elektronik) and at conferences (Studiengruppe Elektronische Instrumentierung).
At Siemens/Infineon :
Presentation on RF power amplifiers (circuit design, simulation, modeling), etc. at the ISSCC/RFIC 1998 Denver , AACD 1998 Kopenhagen , ESSCIRC 1999 Duisburg and RFIC/IMS2001 Phoenix .

At Cadence :
Grenoble, 6./7.12. IPSOC 2006, An Analog Verification and IP Development Environment
Munich, CDNLive 2007, 14.-16. May, An Analog/Mixed-Signal IP Development Flow
Siegen, 3./4.4. Analog 2008, Analog-Assertions with Verilog-A - Example Library and Experiences in Design and Verifikation

Other Topics :
Basic series on simulation and on analog circuits in the ELRAD/ELEKTRONIK.
Circuit articles (AF amplifier and RF matching network design) in ELEKTOR.
Article on RF power amplifiers in the Electronics World.
Author of the EE software ELEKTA , CSmith and AdLab .

Product Designs ( only the offical released ones):
1996 Single-Chip DECT Receiver PMB4420
1997 1st integrated Silicon DECT PA PMB4820 and ISM type PMB4824
1998 2nd Generation DECT and ISM PA: PMB4819 and PMB4823
1999/2000 PA Controller IC for GSM MESFET Power Amplifiers
2000/01 PA Controller IC for GSM HBT Power Amplifiers
2001 3rd Generation DECT/ISM PA for 2-Cell Operation: PMB6819 and PMB6823

Awards :
Infineon Patent-Award 2000

Cadence Designs:
2002 IF RX part of 2.4GHz BiCMOS transceiver
2003 Charge pump voltage doubler in 0.18um CMOS, 2.4GHz CMOS transceiver
2004/2005 POR, PA bias block, Supply-Integrity-Temperature monitor, Multi-function pad, Small low-power SMPS, DVBT RX review
2006 Levelshifter, CMOS Supply-Integrity-Temperature unit, LV-Multi-Function pad
2007 Review for Power-Management chip, Migration of DAC/filter blocks, Analog buffer
2008 Consultance on multi-channel video ADC, feasibility study on magnet sensor
2009 5GHz LNA in SiGe, multi-mode/multi-channel GNSS heterodyne RX, GPS direct-conv RX building blocks improvements
2010 2-bit flash ADC for GPS RX

Other EE activities: Cadence RF kit, VeronA Government Project, VerilogA/AMS trainings

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